" A Frosty Night"

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It was a tradition many years ago when Dr. John Smyth
would bring friends to his home on the hill in his 4-horse cutter.
He used any excuse to entertain and give them the thrill of a ride.
Being the dominant person he was, many tales were told of his adventures. Some say his spirit can be felt even now on these
cold frosty evenings.Now, many years later his Great Grandson
Josh lives in the family home. He and his Daughter Eve just
built a snowman looking down the road. As they head home for
supper only the snowman will see the spirit of the old man
and his friends swishing through the snow with sleigh bells
ringing on another cold night adventure, but Dr. Smyth will see
that life continues on in the house on the hill.
James Lumbers

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