Steve Hanks

"Streets of New Orleans"

Image size: 46"w x 20"h. Edition Size:75
$995.00 USD SOLD OUT

Published from the artist's original work.

"Life has many levels and this painting shows many of them," says artist Steve Hanks. "At the bottom are the people making a living on the street. The next level is the sidewalk, where the couples safely walk the perimeter and share their lives together. The only people on the balcony are an elderly couple who have made it through their life together and are observing everyone else. They have made it to the highest level and I view them with envy and pride.

"I was attracted to the wrought iron, the architecture and the overall romance of the city. New Orleans has a character that takes time to absorb." Like the characters who populate it, this lively tribute to one of America's most storied cities will take a lifetime to fully discover and enjoy.

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