Hari Ketenjian


Education USA
I first came to fine art in 1990, I began my schooling in Los Angles California where I studied the fundamentals of drawing from a totally philosophical point of view.

Education Canada
In 1992, I was accepted to continue my academic studies at the Ontario College of Art ( Canadas oldest art school) from which I graduated with honours in 1996. My education encompassed art history, theoretical & studio practices in both painting and sculpture and eastern and western philosophy.

Education Mexico
I travelled every winter to San Miguel de Allende to continue my art education, exhibiting and teaching somehow incorporating their cultural and philosophy in my on-going work.

 Paintings exclusively on Display at Gallery Athnia, san Miguel de allende, Mexico .                                          and  Z Art Gallery, Toronto          

• Cederidge Art Centre
• AGBU Canada Group Show
• Scarborough Open Doors Arts show
• AGBU Canada Group Show, 2000
• Pueblo Gallery San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
• Athenia Gallery San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
• 51st Annual Armenian Student Association Show NY, NY.

• A.G.B.U. Canada Solo Show
• Nelson Park Creative Centre, Jured Group
• Pueblo Gallery San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
• Athenia Gallery San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
• Angela Prelta Theatre, Solo San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
• Rail-Ends Gallery, Haliburton, Group Show Ont.
• Scarborough Bluffs Gallery, Solo
• Open Doors Arts Week
• Colour And Form Society, Etobicoke Civic Centre, Jured Group

• Gamar Armenian Culture Centre, Scarborough, Group
• Open Doors Arts Weeks
• Art Naturally - SAC Group, Jured Group
• Arshel Gorkey Art Gallery, jured group
• Canadian Consulate Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, Solo

• Z. Art Gallery, Markham, Ontario Solo
• SAC jured (Honourable Mention)
• 48th Annul Armenian Student Show - New York, NY
• SAC “Open Doors”
• Concilium Show sponsored by SAC (Special Merit), jured
• SAC , jured
• Cafe’ Istan - Bowmanville, Ontario
• Art Naturally - Sponsored by SAC

• SAC “Open Doors”
• SAC - Fall “Arthur Show” Special Merit, jured
• 47th Annual ASA Show - New York, NY, Group

1993 -1996
• Annual OCA “Open House” Student Exhibition

• First Solo Show - Agincourt Library, Scarborough, Ontario
• Scarborough Art Council Providence Centre Show

• Scarborough Arts Council
• Advisory Committee Scarborough Arts Council

Paintings on display at:
• Athenia Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
• Z. Art Gallery, Markham, Ont.
• Private collection in the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico Greece, Costa Rica, and Armenia

Teaching Experiences/ Workshop:                                                                                                                       

I am Currently teaching art for the City of Toronto at Cederidge Art Centre and Stephan Leacock Community Centre (Encaustic Paintings, Water Colour, Acrylic, Drawing and Portraiture

.San Miguel de Allende, Mexico .
• Haliburton school of fine art. Haliburton , Ontario
• Neilson park Creative Centre, Toront , Ontario
• Don Valley Art Club, Toronto , Ontario
Waterloo Art Center , Waterloo , Ontario

I draw inspiration from my travels, particularly Mexico . My music, my spirituality, my love of nature, my joy in simplicity of  life all combine to enkindle my art. Simple things in life have a great effect on me.

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