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Early on a cool October morning, there was a moment when time ceased to have meaning. A cloak of mist muffled the faint sound of stirring water in the distance and a couple seemed to appear in a canoe as if looking for an occasion rather than a place. Perhaps it was when a never-ending love was born and nurtured in the solitude that can sometimes be a blend of memories and reality. The ruins of an old dock and the musty aroma of a cabin in the final stages of decay offer testament to the people that now search for the elusive instant when love gave them so much pleasure.

Perhaps the most melancholy yet thought-provoking time is the fall. The birds have migrated and without concern for the past or present, a squirrel pauses to enjoy a morsel in his quiet dominion, undisturbed as the seasons change. There are spiritual memories that live on in places like this, where they remain unremitting and clocked in the mystery of the mist.

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