by R. Tom Gilleon

"Men of Honor"


Image size:
34"w x 17"h.
Edition Size:35

Published from the artist's original work.

US: $625.00
Image size:
74"w x 37"h.
Edition Size:15
Published from the artist's original work.
US: $2,750.00

’All men of honor are of the same tribe’ is a quote from a Native American I came across one time doing some research,” says Tom Gilleon. “There are so many noteworthy layers in that notion that I never forgot it. The painting itself is a visual take on the concept rather than anything historical. I used bold primary colors, red, yellow and blue, to augment that sense of strength. These men are from different bands, but their sense of principle, of right and wrong, makes them of one tribe. Even with the hardships they endured at the hands of the nation the flag represents, the flag bearer’s sense of honor does not allow the emblem the indignity of touching the ground.”

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