Tony Harris, professional golf artist and sports specialist, creates true golfing excitement and drama through his golf landscape paintings. A former junior "A" hockey player
with OHL's Kingston Canadiens and All-Canadian Quarterback at Bishop's University, Harris brings an athlete's perspective and dedication to his paintings, as well as a
life-long love of golf.

A student of the game, its' history and the art of course design, Harris sees his work as a tribute to the inspired efforts of course designers from the past and the present. Not
only does he faithfully reproduce the courses, but Harris also strives to be true to the integrity of the game by capturing the idiosyncrasies real golf afficionados can

Aside from his fine abilities as an artist, Tony is also an accomplished athlete. He possesses a 4 handicap in golf, played goaltender for the Kingston Canadians of the
Ontario Hockey League, and was a two time All-Canadian Quarterback and a Hec Crighton (league MVP) nominee in his four seasons for the Bishops University Football

Whether in a painting of the famous courses of the world, or of your own home course, Harris' art depicts the essence and feel of golf. His talent and knowledge of the game
combine to produce a series of paintings which transcend "Golf Art" and stand on their own as works of art.

My paintings are really landscapes", says Harris, "but where are you going to find more beautiful landscapes than on a golf course!"

15th Cypress Point Azalea 15th Augusta
11th Augusta 10th Augusta Knockdown
18th Harbor Town 18th Glean Abbey 17th Royal Montreal
SwilcanBridge 9th Pebble Beach 18th Pebble Beach
Golden Bell 5th Pebble Beach 13th Augusta
7th Pebble Beach 16th Augusta 17th St. Andrews

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