" The Spirit of Fishing"

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On a bright summer morning last July Ian and his dog Hamish could not resist going out in the old boat that his
grandfather John Emmet left to him. Hamish, being quite new at fishing had no idea why all the fuss was made in
preparation for the adventure. Grandpa’s tackle box fishing rods etc. were all placed in the boat along with some fat
juicy dew worms collected the night before. The morning air still had that crisp freshness to it that you
only feel on the water. The bobber was attached to the line and Ian put a worm on just as his grandfather taught him.
He could swear that Grandpa was still there watching him so he was extra careful when he hooked the worm. He used to
tell Ian “You don’t want to give the fish a free lunch.” It was the great love the old man had for his grandson that  James Lumbers

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