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In the 40's during the war, it was next to impossible to get a new car. Charlie Padget needed one to get around to
his customers. He watched the want ads and finally his patience paid off. He became the proud owner of a 1941
Chevrolet. Every weekend Charlie took great pride in maintaining his treasure. It always looked like it just came
from the showroom. His wife Martha would look down from the porch, wondering what possible pleasure a man could
derive from getting all greasy and dirty working on a car. Charlie's son Bill on the other hand, had total empathy
for the routine watching every step his father took. After Charlie died, the old car was stored in the garage.
When Bill inherited the house after his mother passed away the tradition was revived and Bill looks after his father's
car with the same loving care. Now his son Charlie Jr. patiently watches for an opportunity to help his dad
while his dog Teddy looks on with ambivalence James Lumbers

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